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Konnect the Kids

Konnect the Kids is a good Samaritan project that evolved from the need to keep students and teachers of Trinidad & Tobago connected after the sudden closure of schools as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic from March to August 2020 which helped just over 4000 kids stay in touch with school while at home.

Many Schools were able to access our FREE resources supplied from Local Publishers. They were able to do School work online from the software we created and link them to teachers while utilizing the same textbooks AND workbooks they usually use at school. Popular local Publishers pitched in and kids felt like they were still in school.

We are raising awareness and promoting to reach as many students who need a bridge to continue their education and would be happy to do introduce as many Kids, Schools and Classes who can have access from home.

With this in mind and with the combined thoughts from one of the founding leaders of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Eric Williams who purported that “the future of this nation lies in the book bags of our children”.

We’ve developed the “Digital School Bag”

Licensed Books

All books available on Konnect the Kids are fully licensed from publishers

Blended Learning

Konnect the Kids is designed to work with Teachers & Schools to enhance the classroom with Online content.

Online Students

Konnect the Kids allows Teachers & Schools to keep students active in classroom activities by publishing daily lessons, assignments & assessments.

Engaged Parents

Konnect the Kids allows parents to keep updated on their childs progess through school.

Affiliated Publishers

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